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Taped a segment yesterday with my fave NBC WEEKEND TODAY IN NEW YORK HOST Pat Battle

I love ‘spreading the glove’ with Pat even if it means I have to be bright eyed ‘n bushy-tailed before the roosters cockadoodle doo!  She’a such a wonderful human being and a real hoot to work with!  And, she just loved that I got her all grossed out talking about stuff that bugs us…including our hair  and this crazy summer heat wave which is why i’ve given up on coiffing my hair and am doo-ing the quick clip UP DOO.  No muss no fuss! Love that!!

Hope those of you in the tri-state NY, NJ, Connecticut area will tune in next Sunday, and see how with a ‘lil basil, vodka and red wine nuttin was buggin us or will you!  Spread the glove!


WHAT FUN I HAD TODAY!  That was after thinking i might be meeting my maker as we descended into the Windy City early this morn. Rather then continuing our landing our trusty captain revved up the engines and took us back into the wild blue yonder.  YIKES ! He claimed it was the control tower saying that winds had shifted but Kevin Miller, my trusty biz manager and I thinketh there might have been a fellow craft too close for comfort.  But alas, though my heart took a nose dive the plane eventually landed safely .  And off to the Sears Craftsman Experience Studio we went to meet the one and only, adorable and studdley Frank Fontana, host of  BlogRadio‘s 1,000,000 stream hit show Down ‘ Dirty as well as HGTV’s Design on a Dime.  

Spreading the Glove with Frank

Before the interview I was given a tour by Bo, the uber fit studio manager (and my new personal trainer) whom showed me some of their latest and greatest tools: Now, I know usually it’s guys who get excited by power tools and widgets but I felt like a kid in a toy store and love any kinda tool that is easy to use and if it can multi-task all the better…which Bo shared and I tested:


Say Aahh!

Not exactly sure why I love doing DIY’s around the house though it allows me to connect with my inner-guy.  And, truth is I find it empowering and love seeing the look of disbelief in my guy’s face when I fix a clogged sink, create a Make Up Brush Holder outta a block of craft wood with my handy dandy coincidentally Craftsman drill to make holes for each; or when I’m looking for studs in the wall (though don’t mind looking at the other male version either LOL!) Yup, give me a drill and a dirty martini (after the job is done of course) and I’m one happy not always so accidental housewife!

Ok now back to the studio…

Bo’s tour now finito, it was time to put on my gloves and at last start ‘spreading some glove’ with Frank.  So in I strolled, with an extra pair of gloves in hand sure he’d put them on since he’s also known as the Straight Guy with a Queer Eye! And, the real fun began!  Alex, Frank’s bud across the table  joined in too who is a blast! We chatted about everything from my accidental origins to Frank’s wife’s struggle with being a new mom (they have a 4 month old), housewife and not loosing her sanity (we can all relate!), to our mutual buds Kathie Lee ‘n Hoda on NBC TODAY SHOW to talking ‘dirty’—afterall it is the  ‘Down ‘n Dirty Show’- to lots of other laughs, advice and …for the whole interview which was more like having a drink with friends sans drink at least this time, all you gotta do is  tune in –www.blogtalkradio.com/diy

All U Need is Glove, Frank and the Down 'n Dirty Guys

Big Shout out to Exec Producer Andy Herman for booking me in Down ‘N Dirty’s prime time show slot as well as making me feel like I was a regular… And to all you guys behind the scenes for making today’s segment terrific. Can’t wait to come on back though I may take the train here next time.  Ready anytime Frank to DIY and get my hands and gloves dirty!  xo


Working from home on Monday’s TODAY SHOW segment with Kathie Lee and Hoda.  Always have fun time with them…even if  we’re not cocktailing which they love to do! That and tease me as they did last summer during a post July 4th spot I was doing on Red, White &Blue Cleanup. Well for some reason, which I still can’t figure out, I forgot one of my pink gloves which like my American Express Card I never leave home without. But I did.  And, during the segment I started talking with a British and then later an Italian accent…No real clue why except that without my gloves I sorta felt naked or like a ventriloquist without his dummy! Anyway I included it here for you to watch! Oh, and BTW a little trivia: according to many historians the Declaration of Independence really wasn’t signed on July 4, 1776– it was approved and then signed On August 2, 1776…another day for us to celebrate!  

Now, back to my day and  Monday’s segment  which is about MANI-CURE FRIENDLY HOLIDAY ENTERTAINING TIPS N TRICKS to minimize clean-up…I’ve got some fun ideas like using automotive wax as a pretreator on your stove –non-flammable of course …don’t wanna be too accidental!  I also have some serving suggestions that minimize clean-up, ways to get stiletto marks off your floor without bending down–cause as Joan Rivers says “If God wanted us to bend down he would have put diamonds on the floor'”, and I’m prepping some apps in my dishwasher as it’s running through the rinse cycle! Honest!  No I’m not drinking yet!!! –I call it CLEAN CUISINE and I love multi-tasking n saving time whenever I can!  I would also love for YOU to share any cool and unusual ideas and I’ll try to include them in one of my media appearances, tweets, blogs etc so pleeeze blog here LIVE FROM HYSTERIA LANE, tweet @accidentlhswife.com or facebook moi  http://on.fb.me/sKB9d0! Spread the glove!


Hey there Accidental Housewives! Happy Post Turkey Day! Can u believe it’s come and gone already and there’s only 22 days to Hanukah, 27 ‘til  ’til Xmas and 28 ‘til Kwanzaa!  OMG That means unless we hit the bottle 24/7 or become a monk we potentially could loose our sanity as we try to balance ‘celebrating’ the holidays with our pocketbooks, family commitments and lack of time we have to get it all done this time of year or for that matter any time of the year! That’s one of the reasons I decided to start this blog now since holidays push many of us to the max.  I want to help us all maintain our home, sanity and manicure and hope you’ll share your tips, tricks, rants and raves with me and our fellow housewives as we navigate life on what I lovingly call Hysteria Lane. But first  a bit on moi…that smiling lass below on her fully equipped electric broom whom came out of her broom closet a few years back to admit she was not a perfect housewife nor mother and whom decided to embrace her imperfect ways with three goals in mind…

  1. Keep health inspectors away
  2. Insure my family didn’t starve
  3. Maintain my sanity and my manicure

That led me  to approach each day with a sense of calm not angst along with a glass or two of vino or a dirty martini- which by the

Spreading the Glove with Book #2

way insures your home always looks tidy and your food tastes yummy!

Make broom for The Accidental Housewife!

So who am i? My name is Julie Edelman. I’m known by friends, family and national media as THE ACCIDENTAL HOUSEWIFE, i’m also known in close circles as The Queen of Technological Darkness since i frequently loose emails AND  send people texts meant for others -but that’s fodder for another blog and day!  Back to who I am…I appear frequently on the TODAY SHOW (in fact I’ll be on with my two buds Kathie Lee and Hoda Monday December 5th), The Doctors, Rachael Ray and am a NY Times Best Selling Author of “The Accidental Housewife” How to Overcome Housekeeping Hysteria One Task at a Time.  I am also a contributor to Scholastic’s Parent & Child IPAD app which will debut when the first December snow falls! Psyched! And, beginning January 2012 I’m launching a new blog radio show “LIVE FROM HYSTERIA LANE” for us to commiserate throughout the week and website that I’m soooo excited about since it’ll have all my sanity saving tips, tricks, rewards and gifts tied to them which you deserve big time for all you do!

Ok so your next question may be what is an accidental housewife? And how do you know if you are one? Actually pretty simple to find out:  I’ll ask you a few questions and if you answer yes or you think so to any one…well guess what then you’re an accidental housewife! And, by the way you don’t have to be married, female or with children to qualify! Here we go…

Do you do dishes?  Do you do laundry?  Are you in charge of meal time prep and planning? Have you traded in your car for an SUV? Have you ever fallen in the toilet since one of your male family members left the seat up? Do you look at Martha Stewart and wonder who has that kind of time?

Well friends, if you answered yes to any of these questions you are one of a new and very special species of housewife who no longer has to pretend, perfect or prolong their act!  You are an accidental housewife and this is your time to come out of your broom closet, embrace your fear, loathing or disinterest and celebrate you! And, in the process of blogging about what  drives you and I crazy you’re going to discover simple, real life solutions to our accidental housewifely duties and be rewarded for doing so.  We’re gonna  get rid of a lot of the crap we deal with to make our life better-we’re gonna have more time, money, and NRG AND maintain our sanity and our manicure! K this is almost longer then my first book 🙂  Time now to spread the glove and stay connected via twitter @AccidentlHswife.com  facebook http://on.fb.me/sKB9d0 and blog with me here on LIVE FROM HYSTERIA LANE!