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Did you know it was 16 years ago today that world champion Chess Player Gary Kasparov lost  the first game of six to Deep Blue—I didn’t either or if I did things from 16 years ago have long been forgotten unless they’re now my 6 ft. 1 inch 17 year ole son.  But the big news about the loss was that Deep Blue was an IBM computer which could figure out over 200 million moves per second.  Nowadays that probably wouldn’t surprise many peeps with all the video games and advances in technology but way back in 1996 it was big news.  In the end Kasparov showed man over machine still ruled and went home with the $400,000 grand prize. 

"Where's the Great Carnac when I need him!"

A brief aside: For those who have never seen any Johnny Carson reruns, The Great Carnac the Magnificient was a character Carson created during his late night reign.  He was an all-knowing mind-or rather closed-envelope-reader offering incredibly funny (and silly) answers without knowing the questions.  Thus why I referenced him since Kasparov could have used his ‘clairvoyance’!

Kasparov and Deep Blue met again in 1997 but this time Deep Blue won in the sixth and final match,  taking home the grand prize of $700,000.  That made me wonder how he spent it…new platinum hard drive, custom fitted, signature corporate IBM garb of white button down shirt and stripe tie?…diamond studded compressed air blower for his chip-mate?  Guess we’ll never know…

 But, I guess you’re wondering why the heck this Accidental Housewife is reminiscing about a chess match with a computer.  Well, today I had my own ‘match’ with a computer. See this morning I went to visit my trusty Wells Fargo ATM.  I put in my card which Wells (he and I are very tight) always readily inhales, then punched in my security code, amount of moula I wanted and par usual, promptly received my card and receipt back.  So off I went…Then as I was driving home I had one of those feelings where you know you’re missing something, but dismissing it as another sneak peak at the memory loss i’ll be experiencing as the years tick on…That was until I went to pay for my bagel and coffee and realized my bud Wells hadn’t given me any money!  Of course I doubted myself over Wells since I often forget things or where I put them,  and after all he is the latest and greatest in technology.  No way he’d make a mistake and not give me my money.   Right?  Wrong!!! I quickly returned to the scene and had the bank stuff abuzz –they even opened Wells up and sure enough my bank mate tried to pull a fast move on me!  Who’d have thunk!  Guess part of the moral here is even what we think is Mr. Smarter then I computer, is fallible so my advice to all of us is: always check…mate! –Wow that is a really really bad pun forgive me, it’s been a really, really long week.

And, hey I do realize this is a truly riveting read- NOT, and how the heck did I make the connection—dunno!   Perhaps like Deep Blue my brain’s capable of going off and connecting more moves then I thought which I know a certain special Scruffy D would more then agree!! Happy almost weekend…Spread the glove!