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After watching all the glamour and glitz at The Golden Globe awards last night, my manager Kevin AKA Steven Spielberg (and congrats to the real one for winning last eve!)  thought I should have my own behind the scenes ‘red carpet’ moment.  Actually, he had this planned since last week when we were at the Today Show spreading some glove with Kathie Lee and Hoda and shot some video of little ole accidental housewife me .  Not quite Red Carpet glamour and glitz more like stairs and glares as I walked from the Green Room to Hair ‘n Makeup n then into the Sudio.  But I did get to rub my fave gloves and elbows with Seth Rogen, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Camille Grammer (and forgive me but if she’s a ‘real housewife” then I’m Angelina Jolie–hmmm then again my name is Julie maybe she is real LOL :), my old bud and her publicist Howard Bragman and Henry!  Hope u enjoy…And,  please stay posted, my “Steven’s” got a follow-up video  coming to a blog near you later!  Spread the glove!