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5 Sanity-Savers for Gift Wrapping

Countdown to Christmas…6 Days to Go!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAGift wrapping (especially a lot at one time) can stress any accidental housewife and, even worse, ruin your manicure. Here are a few of my favorite tricks for getting the packages wrapped and bows tied. The Recipients of your gifts will be in awe of their beauty.

  1. BOX IT UP. Squares and rectangles are much easier to wrap that balls, cylinders, and thingamajigs. Box up your gifts as you purchase them. When it comes time to wrap, you’ll save lots of time.
  2. ONE STEP AT A TIME. Wrap your gifts in phases. First, get all your gifts wrapped with paper. Then, go back to add bows. Last, add any special embellishments and gift tags.  Use Post-it notes with the recipients’ names to keep track of the packages through the process so you don’t have an embarrassing mix-up. “Oh Grandma, I know you don’t need a sippy cup.”
  3. THE NEW GIFT BAG. Everyone knows the gift bag is the easy way out of wrapping presents. And hey, sometimes, you’ve just gotta go with a gift bag. If you’re really short on time, you can find decorative gift boxes that already have holiday designs printed on them. Skip straight to the bows and tags!
  4. WRAPPING PAPER SWAP OUT. If you run out of paper and don’t feel like heading to the store, you can use items from the recycling bin to wrap. Funny pages, brown paper bags and even old posters can make great wrapping paper substitutes.
  5. A LITTLE DIRT WOULDN’T HURT. A dirty martini, that is! Make yourself one before you wrap and serve ‘em up as you give out your gifts. Your beautiful packages will look that much better. (PS this technique only works on recipients over 21.)

Holiday Shopping Help

ID-100116562 Countdown to Christmas…10 Days to Go!

Have you made your lists? Have you checked them twice? Even if you have, you might still be stressed about your holiday gifts. Make sure you don’t forget anyone on your list and keep your gift giving organized with these simple sanity-saving tips:

  1. Plan Your Shopping Attack. Don’t let your last minute holiday shopping get out of hand. The stores are busy filled with lots of distractions. Don’t leave for the mall without a list of exactly what you’re looking for and your budget. Look-up a map of the mall or shopping center before your excursion and plot out what stores you will hit so you don’t waste time wandering and looking for your favorite shopping spot.
  2. Shop in Your PJs. I’m not saying you wear your flannels to the store. But you can shop in your PJs if you shop online. This way you can research and compare prices right from the comfort of your computer chair. Just remember to check the shipping dates to ensure that your gifts arrive in time.
  3. Keep Your Gifts Organized. Easily keep track of what you got for everyone on your list and who you might be missing a gift for. Label a shopping bag or small box for each person on your list and place gifts in the bag/box as you purchase them. This also makes wrapping a breeze. Just wrap and put back in the labeled bag until you have time to put bows and gift tags on them.

Stay tuned for more holiday tips as I countdown to Christmas!


Happy Mardi Gras Day!  Did you know that Mardi Gras is French for Fat Tuesday–certainly sounds lots better in French! It’s celebrated as the final day of feasting before Lent which is tomorrow Ash Wednesday. So time to paaaaar-teee!!

And, today is also the day before my appearance with Rachael Ray which i am over the top excited about!  I love Rach–she’s one of those truly genuine peeps and as you’ll see we had a blast as I answered some questions from the audience about spring cleaning ‘forget me nots!…I know can you believe it’s already spring cleaning time!

Be sure to tune in http://mee.bo/AaCRMu 

AND Khloe Kardashian Odom’s on too talking about Kim‘s divorce, baby rumors and gonna ‘pop the question’ too 🙂  Repandre le gant!  That’s French for ‘Spread the Glove” 🙂


WOW! Can u believe the holidays are over?  I can’t say that they came and went and I wasn’t in the moment.  Nope for the first time in eons I actually can look back and not quote John Lennon about ‘life’s what’s happening when you’re busy making plans”. . . I made plans and I was living them! That’s not to say I didn’t work a bit, stress a bit and not take as much time as Sir D might have preferred though he tempted and spoiled me in far too many ways for which I am mucho grateful…but overall I chilled and cheered (perhaps a tad too much) my way through the holidays!

And,  it all started with my Mary Tyler Moore tour of NYC (DEC. 5) following the gig with Kathie Lee ‘n Hoda on the Today Show—And BTW, yours truly is back with my fave gals next Tuesday, January 10th to share tips n’ tricks for those of us who got suckered into getting our kiddies a new pet and now are paying our doo…n cleaning it too!

But that’s another day’s blog to share…For a few more brief moments before my dinner needs to be on the table, another load of laundry done and my head hits the pillow so I can be up with the roosters to insure my son is not late for school, I am still in holiday happy mode.  And, I wanted to share  a few pix with all of ye from Crossing the Delaware via Ferry in Biz Mode to tourin’ n tastin’ D Beer at Dogfish Head Brewery to D hospitality n oh so charmin’  Inn at Cove Bay in Lewes, DE to the incredible ‘n yummy Holiday eve courtesy of chef extraordinaire Peter Kelly at X2o n his incredibly talented bro Ned Kelly…And, last but far from least –to D’man SSD Tank ye mucho xoxo!  

Please, please NOTE! I’d love to see your pix too so please share here at LiveFromHysteriaLane, tweet or FB me! Happy New Year all! Spread the glove 🙂 





TAH -DAH MY VERY OWN DOGFISH BREW! oops,makes u see sideways LOL!






I think it may be time for some early  New Year’s resolutions and a vacation from partying LOL!  My Ode to the Commode up next!  Stay tuned…Spread the glove! 

Bottom's Up!



Let me preface this by saying I have been trying to write this since Tuesday. But, alas as my last post:“Life Interuptus” shared, my son was home ill and mommy TLC was in full gear.  I am happy to report he is back in school YEAH! …oh I mean I am so relieved that he’s feeling fine 🙂 since now this accidental housewife can return to her normal schedule albeit a day or two later…Here we go….

Tra la la la la the holidays as we know far too well are in full gear… Complete with the stress of holiday shopping, getting your home ready for family and friends, and all else betwixt and between.  But unlike most days where I  focus on the must dos I did a wanna do the other day.  Yes, I actually took some of my own sanity saving advice. I decided to smell the chestnuts roasting on the open streets of NYC before they were replaced by souvlaki. I did this following my always fun appearance with my fave TODAY SHOW gals Kathie Lee ‘n Hoda. I threw caution, schedules and my son’s dinner to the wind (and for those of you who may be wondering it was NOT due to him suffering from starvation that he got sick but rather due to his providing TLC to his GF whom was sick first).  

I mean how could I not!  It was a perfect December day—sunny, mild and midtown Manhattan was aglow in holiday cheer.  The time was ripe for me to be there now and enjoy a Mary Tyler Moore kinda moment.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the reference to Ms. Moore please tune into TV LAND and click here for some background on the show http://www.museum.tv/eotvsection.php?entrycode=marytylermo For those too engrossed in this blogger’s tale, here’s a sentence or two: The Mary Tyler Moore Show was a 70’s must see sitcom about a young professional single gal, jilted by her live-in medical school boyfriend (radical then) who moves to Minneapolis (I know not exactly my first choice if I were single…forgive me Minnesotans I love your state and it’s beautiful in the warmer months but the winters are brutal for this NE lass as my fingers turn from white to black even in air-conditioned theatres!) But, I digress:  Mary moves there and gets a job working in the newsroom of a fictional TV station-WJM -and the rest my friends has become TV history (and BTW the ever young Betty White was a part of this terrific show and ensemble).  

I refer to it here because as I took in the sites and sounds of NYC, I felt like Mary in the intro to her show where she is experiencing her new city full of smiles, childish enthusiasm and feeling anything is possible as she tosses her beret up in the air http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ql8G0Ikko5I …As the show’s theme song says “Love is All Around, No Need to Waste It”.  And, that’s exactly what I did that day complete with that same wide smile but sans beret.  

My inner childhood excitement was in full gear as I stood outside the Cartier building, wrapped  in a gigantic red ribbon (wishing I could go inside and have my prince charming make the holidays truly bright with a shiny diamond babble or two or 3 but then I would have been dreaming and not there live):


Angels and I blowing our horns:

There me blows!

Rat-a-tat-tatting our drums:

Drummin up some holiday cheer!

Viewing Saks Fifth Avenue’s Land of The Bubble Maker window complete with the latest fashion to wear which I saw as a terrific multi-tasking design to look good and dust too LOL! 

Fashion that mulit-tasks-feather dustin dress LOVE THAT!

And, of course the one and only Rockefeller Xmas Tree—pitter-patter pitter patter:


Ahhh ‘tis the season…but alas, like all good things, this accidental housewife was reminded that I was not Mary Tyler Moore when my cell phone rang and my son greeted me with ‘When you gonna be home? I’m hungry and I ate all the leftovers!”  My brief wonderlust was over.  I was thrust back to my regularly scheduled demands of housewifely motherhood programming.  

Hey, please know I am not complaining.  I feel incredibly lucky to have least had this brief time with my fave photographer whom I need to thank now or I will not even get a holiday card from lest a diamond or zirconium babble…u da best D xo! Nope, I  am thrilled I took the time before another year passed and I missed it all again. Holiday shopping, cleaning, prepping etc can wait a few hours-remember the holidays are about celebrating and spending time with family and friends not worrying about dust bunnies. So please take a breath and the time to ‘smell those chestnuts’.  We deserve it!  Love is truly all around and we shouldn’t waste it!

Okay so there’s my holiday sanity saving advice…I’ll get off my pulpit or rather step ladder now….

Love to see your fave pixs of holiday decorations in your home town, if you’re visiting somewhere or hear any fave Mary Tyler Moore moments you’ve seen on TV LAND so please blog back here, tweet me @accidentlhouswfe.com or FB me….

Spread the glove!