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I’m having one of those days where I can’t get motivated which would be fine if I didn’t have a gazillion things to do betwixt prepping for my media stuff next week and IN STYLE Magazine interview tomorrow, doing laundry so I can see the floor in my son’s room before spring and oh yes going grocery shopping so we don’t have leftover turkey again for din din (and yes it’s still fresh since I brought home and froze single serving dinners from Marla’s turkey feast) But hey, that’s life on Hysteria Lane and overall I love my life sans my chronic lack of time and NRG to which we can all relate. 

I’m also not one who engages in pity parties…Nope generally, I look for an entertaining distraction to get my mojo back, which is exactly what I did.

I often find that googling a word or phrase results in some very interesting and entertaining stuff so I put in “today in history fun” and discovered some cool facts– The most impressive was that it was this date in 1955 Rosa Parks refused to move to the back of the bus and truly helped launch the civil rights movement. I then returned to the search page scrolled down and found a site called www.squidoo.com  and the rest my friends is today’s history for me!

 I found a link to the DOLPHIN STRESS TEST. I’ve always loved Flipper and dolphins in general.  I also like Ben Affleck  and he appears to like dolphins too as you can see if you click this link:   http://bit.ly/tycc5e

Back to dolphins and Ben another time:  I love too that dolphins always appear to have a Zen like, gentle smile on their face and the fact that they are apparently incredibly intelligent ranking second to we humans.  Thus, I hoped some wisdom waited. It did kinda sorta since my results spoke to both me and I suspect many of us overworked, over-scheduled and soon to be a bit over weight from holiday-eating housewives. 

That’s all I’m gonna say for now… …Other then, much to my chagrin I realized I was further gone then I had thought and hadn’t even factored in other tasks that I need to do like holiday shopping….But, hey I’ve got 19 days til Hanukkah, 24 til Xmas n 25 ‘til Kwanzaa so I’m going to the acquarium now and visit FLIPPER hoping I’ll see double…you’ll understand this once you take the test so please let me know if you’re feeling my pain! Ready set click:  http://www.bblmedia.com/sports/stress.html  Spread the glove!


Okey doke so today I realized it was time for me to let go of giving thanks for not having had to host Turkey Day courtesy of my best bud Marla.  Truly the accidental housewifely way to enjoy what is by far my favorite holiday!  I mean think about it unlike Christmas, Hanukah, Kwanzaa and New Year’s where the race and stress is on to shop ’til we drop, balance our hearts with our pocketbooks and not gain 10 pounds nor need to join AA post January 1.  Thanksgiving is a relatively stress free holiday …even if you’re cooking and hosting. Yes, there’s the prep and clean up but let’s be honest—unless you’re Martha Stewart turkey is turkey and the day’s focus is good ole food, fun, family, friends and football. We gather to celebrate being together, stuff our bird and ourselves, we’re given a bye to lie prone and be a couch potato, AND, we’re not considered rude when the tryptophan kicks in and we start to yawn!  My gosh, it’s almost like being a baby again when it was ok to eat, drink, smile, poop and sleep LOL! Do you agree?  Think about it. . . have you ever really heard someone say how exhausted or stressed they were from Thanksgiving? Or wonder how it got by them and that they didn’t have a chance to sit back and smell the turkey? Don’t think so unless perhaps you’re our favorite TV Land bigot Archie Bunker or Curb Your Enthusiasm’s Larry David…Love to hear your thoughts and if you have an Archie or Larry types in your fam so blog with me here on LIVE FROM HYSTERIA LANE, tweet me @accidentlhswife.com, or facebook moi at http://on.fb.me/sKB9d0

Meanwhile, if you’re dealing with some post turkey day stains that bind us coast to coast and slob to slob I’ve got you covered with some tips I shared on CBS Early Show.   

Or, if you need help with any other clean up or stains that remain just ask… I’m here for you!  And, BTW, the folks I work with at Tide have a mani-cure friendly, idiot proof way of dealing with some of those common turkey day stains — Tide Stain Release-just throw one of those babies in your next load and viola stains be gone! Click here to get a money saving coupon http://bit.ly/ux8bwS ! Til tomorrow…Spread the glove 🙂