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Seems this has been the week for me to be poked, scraped, and today squished! Ouch was me for unlike my doctor visit with McDreamy on Monday, today was Torture Chamber Thursday with MAMMY-VICE.  Yes, today was my annual breast exam.  I don’t know about you, but it’s times like these that I struggle with that 10-20 minutes of fear waiting for the results and that oh so special but necessary experience of  having my two boobs squeezed into a pancake form.  Clearly men invented these machines as some kinda sadistic payback or pleasure!  I mean, can you imagine if they had a device that did that to their little head?  Not a pretty image I grant you but the thought did help relieve my angst wondering if all was well …that along with how much pain those with implants feel when that vice is tightened!

And, then the practicioner brought me into my good bud’s room for ultrasound and good tidings both the mammo and ultra brought!  All is well–my breasts and I are healthy and bouncy once again…

So in good cheer I left, and decided to throw caution and my cholestrol to the wind having passed on a big juicy cheesey Mac ‘n greasy fries yesterday.  Not today though– off the three of us went to the golden arches….and yum it ‘twas.  And, though I didn’t take a pix of me pigging out, I did want to share a pix from Micky D’s the other day where I discovered the world’s biggest stocking…Quite a claim but who am I to argue! Love the monkey on the bottom- sorta reminds me of how my boobs felt earlier today though thank ye gods they didn’t squish them so tightly that they turned blue! LOL 

Happy third night of Hanukah! Potato pancakes r us!

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