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Yeah it’s Friday and I’m getting close to putting down ye old cell phone and Swiffer and picking up my favorite Happy Hour cocktail.  But first I wanted to share ‘the dirt’ on my favorite TGIF elixer…a dirty vodka martini! (and by the way for those who missed it I showed a new way to clean and ‘tini in this UTUbe video earlier in the week so check it out when you can )  

I truly enjoy vodka martinis not just cause they taste good but because I feel like I’m paying homage to the 50’s housewife.  These June Cleaver types would have one stirred up, waiting for their ‘hard-working husband’ since her daily tasks were considered insignificant and not in need of ‘chilling’.

That was then thank ye gods! This is now and my dirty martini also reflects my sanity saving home-keeping mantra and attitude that a little dirt never hurt anyone!

(I also love them because if you have one or serve them upon entry to adult guests your home looks a lot cleaner, neater and your food tastes Marthesque…well maybe not quite but it’s good enough J)

And, believe it or not it’s key ingredient vodka (which I prefer to gin)  is a terrific home-keeping multi-tasker! That’s right in addition to being yum in my martini, I also use vodka in the following ways:  

PLEASE NOTE:  If you drink the expensive stuff you might want to consider buying a cheaper brand for these tasks.  And, hey if you’re like me, after one martini you probably won’t be able to tell the difference so why waste the good stuff!

  • Natural cleaner/sanitizer : Put some in a bottle and spray counters and other hard surfaces
  • Flower perker upper: Add a shot when your flowers start to droop
  • Jewelry sparkler: Put diamonds, platinum and any non-pourous stone in a shot for a few minutes, then use a toothbrush to clean
  • Botox alternative:  Pour some on a cotton ball and dab on face to tighten pores

And  for those of you who love a lil trivia and folklore here’s the ‘dirt’ on the origins of ye ole martini:

Martinis were originally called a Martinez since a version of it was first served in the late 1800’s to gold prospectors in Martinez, California – Guess it helped make those rocks look golden and kept their prospects bright!  It’ real popularity though seemed to come during prohibition since whiskey required longer aging and distillers couldn’t keep up with the demand at speakeasies.  So gin, became a fave alternative. 

Then the famed children’s author E.B. White of  Charlotte’s Web and Stuart Little fame, referred to it as the ‘perfect elixer’. 


H.L. Mencken called it “the only American invention as perfect as the sonnet.  

And, of course, Sean Connery my favorite Bond…that’s James Bond, put a new spin on it by switching its main ingredient from gin to vodka (thank you JamesJ ) and asking for it ‘shaken not stirred.”

So there you have it and now it’s time to finish my chores that bore before the strike of Happy Hour! Happy TGIF…Spread the glove!