Two things I wanted to share with ye this morning some old news and some newer news…FIrst, in case you missed my mug the other day on the Today Show with my have gal pals Kathie Lee and Hoda sharing how to get rid of those pesky dust mites here’s the clip:

And, by the way if you didn’t know they’re doing the show from the Bahamas this Thursday and Friday…Live from Atlantis Resort there …..guess I didnt schedule that one very well!

Next up slightly newer news which I shared with you on Facebook and just wanted to be sure you knew…drum roll please 🙂   I am joining  as their TIME, MONEY, AND HEALTH  SAVING Contributor! If you don’t know them you should immediately go and visit their site (yes, I’ll forgive you for abandoning mine but just this once!).  They are an amazing and unique network of more then 30,000 influential and highly active moms across all social media channels, FB, Google, Twitter, blogs, mobile social networks and on and on. Founded in 2008 by uber extraordinaire mom of two Megan Calhoun, she is spearheading the way for all we moms to grow personally and professionally.  And, now little ole me, will join her crusade twice a month spreading the glove of accidental housewifely wit and wisdom.  HOW COOL!

And my first feature was based on my Today Show one above and titled: “Do You Know Who You’re Sleeping With” which was not about wishing nor dreaming it was Brad Pitt, Ryan Gosling or whomever else gets your mojo going.  Sorry, ‘twas about those pesky prehistoric microscopic buggers: Dust Mites that cause us to sneeze, wheeze, cough etc…Actually it’s their doo that causes these annoying reactions, and you can get the full poop (sorry!) on the who, what, why, where, etc by going to sleeping-with  Check us all out!  Gotta go pack my bags and gloves now and see if I can get an invite to the Bahamas!  Spread the glove!





Feel like i’ve been away for a very long time and i’ve not been very bloggy 🙂 Have a few excuses (Jewish guilt settling in)!One: my son had a golf tourney in florida…Tampa to be exact.  So we went down there for that which is always an emotional roller-coaster for me as it is with any parent who has a child that plays a competitive sport and who’s whole being revolves around it.  See ever since Luke was 8 he decided he was going to be the next Tiger Woods

My lil Tiger! Sooo cute!

The Not so lil Tiger!

That was until he got hit with a golf club by his then wife and 19 plus mistresses came forward to share that he had strayed from the ‘home’ course.   Actually, it was a good thing for Luke since he had used Tiger as a role model of sorts:  his discipline, his focus, his work ethic and his quest for perfection.  For Luke and it seemed Tiger, keeping your eye on the target or hole in their case was black and white–a course neither would stray from but thanks to that fateful eve and Tiger’s eye on holes of a different sort, Luke began to realize that no one is perfect and that life has its grays which enabled him to let go a bit…And, hey, Tiger is back, has made his amends and my son still thinks he’s the man but no longer a God.  I have to say  though i do miss some of the jokes particularly this one:  “What do Tiger Woods and Santa Claus have in common?  They both like ho’s!” Forgive my sophmoric humor!

As for golf and me it’s not really my kind of sport though I greatly admire and envy my son’s dedication.  I know i could never stay that focused and patient for 4-5 hours. That’s why when people ask me “Do you play?” my answer is always “Only if I have too!” And, those ‘have to’ times are usually because it gives me a chance to spend quality time with Luke though to keep me awake I jog betwixt the holes  which makes me son pretend i’m not his mother nor that he’s with me.

Ok so that’s one reason, the other is I had a Today Show segment today with my fave gal pals Kathie Lee and Hoda and had much to prepare since we returned from Tampa on Sunday.  The segment was all about those pesky microscopic bugs we lovingly know as dust mites that cause us to sneeze, wheeze, cough and our eyes to water. Here’s a pix of them if you’re not familiar–wallet size are also avail 🙂

"Do you know who you're sleeping with...Brad Pitt or Cookie Monster not!"

And, here’s a pix of me  today on the set: Julie aka “Luke Skywalker” of Star Wars fame “Letting the force be with me” courtesy of  a UV Sanitizing Wand!

"The force be with me!"

And, below is a link to the video for your viewing pleasure that’ll show you my tips, tricks and some cool tools from CleanRest, LG, and Haan to help you get rid of those mites and save your health, sanity and home !  


Be backatcha in next day or so…’til then Smite thy mite…Spread the glove!