Sanity-Saving Tips for Ringing in the New Year at Home

Happy 2014!According to a recent survey, for the second year in a row, when the clock strikes twelve on New Year’s Eve, most of us will be ringing in the New Year at home vs. going out. So for those of us whom are part of this trend of entertaining at home I wanted to share some less stress, prep ‘n money saving tips to revel in the New Year.

It’s All About the D WORDS:

DELEGATE ‘N DITCH:  Sani and Mani savers:

Invite help and use easy, prepared foods—cheese plates, veggies ‘n dips, desserts, etc.

Use Disposables when it comes to plates and silverware. For serving food, use things like breads, melons and squashes as bowls and toss when you’re done.

DEPLOY DISTRACTIONS: Keep the focus off the dust ‘n on the peeps in the gathering

  •  Prominently display photos of loved ones ‘n friends coming.
  •  Put some get well cards on mantel (you know, because you’ve been so sick you just didn’t have time to clean.)
  • Create conversation starters: Party napkins like these stimulate conversations and distract from the lack of gourmet goodies.

Conversation starter Napkin 6

DOWNSIZE DRINKS ‘N DIN: Remember you are not Martha:  Simplify, simplify, simplify!

  • NO OPEN BAR – Single serving drinks placed in garden pots filled with ice. (let them melt when party’s over and water plants-tres eco-friendly!
  • Create a special new year’s drink in a large punch bowl.
  • Make it a Spud-tacular din n desert! EZ ‘n Inexpensive!
  • Bake up large baked and sweet potatoes (wrap in tin foil to serve) Put out a variety of toppings for each like:
  • Baked potatoes (main course) – Sour cream, Caviar, Guacamole, Cheese: feta, goat, shredded cheddar or mozz. 
  • Sweet potatoes (dessert) – Ricotta cheese, Honey, Apricot preserves, Marshmallows and chocolate chips


For more ideas, check out my Pinterest Board – Holiday Entertaining.

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