5 Fast ‘n Virtually Free Holiday Fashion Fixes

GangnamCountdown to Christmas…8 Days to Go. 

Okey dokey we’re in the final stretch of getting all dolled up, partying ‘til we drop, and dealing with those annoying little fashion 911s that always happen at the wrong time.  But fear not, Gangnam Style fixes are here. Gangnam Style she says???  That’s correcto.  I did some research to find out exactly what Gangnam Style is so here you go:  Gangnam means south (nam) of the river (gang) in Korean and it’s become the wealthiest area in South Korea.  So Gangman is seen as where peeps are rich, girls pretty, fashionistas rule, all is cool and you have ‘swag’.  So, with that as my inspiration I share some fast ‘n cool ways to deal with your fashion malfunctions, dance the nite away and avoid a possible night behind bars (and I’m not referring to your fave drinking haunts).  Wuppa Gangnam Style. ..…and Happy New Year!

1. Deodorant marks on your ‘lil black dress?
Use the foam rubber from your dry cleaning hanger or baby wipes.
2. Pills on a sweater?
Rub in one direction with nailbrush or pumice stone
3. Static cling? Fly-away hair?
Rub with a fabric dryer sheet
4. Loose button?
Apply a coat of clear nail polish on top of button’s threads
5. Wrinkles?
Turn your flat iron into a mini press for your cotton or polyester tops. Lightly spritz with water …always best to errr on holding iron a shorter time to insure you banish and don’t burn away those wrinkles

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