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Generally I don’t think of Leap Year as a holiday and certainly not one that is romantic  like Valentine’s Day. Rather, I have generally viewed it as an extra day to do those housewifely chores that bore …oh joy…Or as a freebie…a day off…I wish!  But, folklore has it and I’m gonna go with it cause I love fairy tales, that around the world it was the day ‘woman could pop the question”.  One legend dates back to a 5th century Irish nun named St. Brigid of Kildare whom asked St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland (and reason for another celebration 17 days later) to allow woman to propose to men they love who were too shy.

Love 'em n Leap em!

Well,  St. Patrick granted her request but he gave women the right to propose every seven years.  Nun too happy with this, St. Brigid  asked to please reconsider and so St. Pat did to every leap year (And, for those of you wishing to know how Leap Year began it goes way way back to the Ancient Egyptians and Julius Caesar and you can click here for the historical facts)


Now back to our folklore…Overcome with happiness, St. Brigid leaped or rather kneeled with joy and guess what…she proposed to St. Pat!  But alas this lass was not to have his hand and he declined with a kiss on her cheek and a silk gown…hmmmm….And, henceforth giving a kiss and a silk gown became an Irish tradition for women whom have loved and lost so to speak.

Fast forward to 2012 and putting aside whether you believe this story or not,  I love as I shared at the outset, having another reason to believe in romance and happily ever four years or forever after. So though I am not planning on popping the question this leap year, I did plan a date with my significant other to watch the 2010 movie LEAP YEAR with  Amy Adams.. Spread the clover 🙂 


Bittersweet kinda day today…Went to Luke’s school this morning since they wanted to take photos of him signing his letter of acceptance to Bucknell University which he’ll be attending in the fall and tears came to my eyes (and continue as i write this).

Though more then proud of him and that he’ll be going to a terrif school and for him, more importantly, he’ll be the king fish on their golf team, but for me it’s pretty black and white : My not so little boy is leaving the nest…As parents we always know someday our kids will leave…someday which seems soooo so far away. Then wham bam thank you mam the years go by and they’ve gone from diapers to departing for college…And, a flood of emotions and snapshots are unleashed…And, for me one shot came to mind of Luke and I sitting in an empty kiddie pool in our backyard, reading books and laughing that simple wonderful pure, special moment kinda laugh.

One pix worth 1000 words 🙂

Another thing came to mind too…I think i’ve shared i’m divorced but fortunately Luke’s dad and i have a terrific relationship (at least if you ask me, he might have a different take!) What I haven’t shared is that he’s an amazing lyricist who wooed me during our courtship with a song that to this day remains unfinished …hmmm 🙂  At any rate last Mother’s Day he and his partner wrote an amazing song “Motherhood“. It captured then and even more so now so many of the feelings I’m experiencing and I suspect many of you will relate no matter what your child’s age is .  And, yes have some hankies within reach cause it’s gonna pull at your heartstrings in a really good way.

And, now here he is all grown up, shaving, driving, towering over me, mom and dad no longer the only centers of his universe.  He does still on occasion hug me and tell me how much he appreciates and loves me without prodding nor when he needs money so long as none of his peers are around.  And, though he’ll probably want to disown me for saying this –every nite I still go into his room (if the door’s not closed and he’s facebooking all is buds) to give him a kiss good nite.

I know a lot of parents sorta look forward to their kids leaving .  And, though I won’t necessarily miss being overloaded with his laundry; searching for his bedroom floor since it’s covered in a meritage of clothes, shoes and stuff i prefer remain anonymous (much more pleasant way to describe it and makes me think of wine me not ‘whine’ about it LOL); nor his shouting ‘mom there’s nothinng in this house to eat’… I’m gonna miss Luke BIG time …To quote Agatha Christie  “A mother’s love for her child is like nothing else in the world”. I need not say more…

So exito stage right for moi …i’m done for now… Bird‘s gotta fly and so do i …actually I’m also leaving the nest and flying south but that’s another’s day blog!  Thanks for letting me ramble,  feel free to do so back.  And, here’s the signing pix with all and Dan Brown, Athletic Coach (standing behind me). Proud we all be!! But we miss Coach Aug mucho!!

Go Bucko! Missin' the kiddie pool 🙂

And, thanks H for Luke  and a song that is tatooed on my heart. xo

Spread the glove !


Happy Mardi Gras Day!  Did you know that Mardi Gras is French for Fat Tuesday–certainly sounds lots better in French! It’s celebrated as the final day of feasting before Lent which is tomorrow Ash Wednesday. So time to paaaaar-teee!!

And, today is also the day before my appearance with Rachael Ray which i am over the top excited about!  I love Rach–she’s one of those truly genuine peeps and as you’ll see we had a blast as I answered some questions from the audience about spring cleaning ‘forget me nots!…I know can you believe it’s already spring cleaning time!

Be sure to tune in 

AND Khloe Kardashian Odom’s on too talking about Kim‘s divorce, baby rumors and gonna ‘pop the question’ too 🙂  Repandre le gant!  That’s French for ‘Spread the Glove” 🙂


As moms, wives, working women or just over-scheduled and over-worked peeps in general, we rarely have the luxury or feeling that someone is there taking care of us.  I guess that’s why folks at Apple now feature Suri–our very own personal assistant on their new Apple 4S.  And, god knows we could all use someone to remind us of our kid’s dental appointment: call, email or text our significant other when we’re running late or maybe if I can find time sched a hair coloring appointment before those greys over populate! 

This is where and why technology is truly a good thing making me life easier, and not something that confuses the heck outta me since in addition to being known as The Accidental Housewife, I am also known as The Queen of Technological Darkness!  Nope Suri has made me feel special.  And, a few weeks back I shared another techy ‘good thing’: my new LG Hom-Bot which stays in its little charging station on call to vacuum my house without me lifting a finger.  Plus, it can bring me a martini or cup of coffee…Life is good!  

And, now I found my latest ‘make my life easier and tastier’ techy must have… 

Enjoying a cup of fresh VUE-brewed cappuccino with Michelle Stacy, Pres of Keurig!Mmmm Mmmm Yum!

See last eve I attended a launch party for the new Keurig VUE single cup coffee maker.  Now, i don’t know about you but my day just doesn’t quite start off right without that first cup of coffee which i generally have to reheat 2-3 times since i’m too busy focusing on getting my son up and fed for school.  Needless to say over-reheated coffee with the milk forming a thin waxy-like top isn’t exactly that yummy, ‘get my day going’ cup of java!  And, then if i’m running late which is just about every day, I  try to take a cup with me as I shuttle myself or my son in days gone by before he got his license (yeah chaufeur duties relieved!) and it be cold.  Yuk! 

But last nite I met Suri and Bot’s ‘new take care of Julie’ mate Vue…Now, please note i have tried several single cup coffee makers and generally have been disappointed since the coffee tastes weak, cools off too fast when i add my 1/2 and 1/2 and though I’m no Sheryl Crow  when it comes to being green (whom i love by the way as an artist and performer)–she had suggested we portion  toilet paper which for those of us with kids might save the forest but not the amount of laundry we’d be doing and thus not water nor energy conservation…The point here is I try to do what I can and if it fits into my everyday lifestyle all the better and the VUE pods  are recyclable so it’s mindless mother earth friendly! Love that!

So my fellow overworked, overscheduled housewives, check it out,  coffee, tea, hot, cold Keurig’s new VUE has a brew for you so as Sheryl sings “all i wanna do’ is enjoy a yummy cup of brew along with Suri and Bot! Happy weekend all…Spread the glove…

LOVE THE STAIN YOUR WITH ‘n Ashton Kutcher, Jessica Alba, Bradley Cooper, Julie Roberts….

Happy Valentine’s Day all! ‘Tis wonderful that love is in the air and wanted to share this piece as I do every V-day! 

So whether it’s your first date, love of your life, one of the millions who pop the ‘will you marry’ question, dine alone or have been there done that for some time, Valentine’s Day can muster the romantic in you from sip to sleep.  Here are a few simple ways to deal with those heartfelt  ‘accidental’ stains that unlike love are not what we want to last! And BTW, if you haven’t seen the flick “Valentine’s Day” rent, DVR or Netflix it…it’s got all the peeps that make for good eye candy for any age and dreaming of happily ever after V-day including Ashton Kutcher, Julia Roberts, Bradley Cooper, Eric Dane (my personal fave Grey’s Anatomy studly guy!), Patrick Dempsey (second to Eric:) Jessica Alba, Jessica Biel, Anne Hathaway, Taylor Lautner, Taylor Swift, Shirley McClaine and on and on

  • LIPSTICK:  With all that lip locking, there is bound to be some lipstick ending up on your man’s collar.  Don’t regret those kisses, put a dollop of non-gel shaving cream on those hot lip marks, dab and rinse with club soda or water.  Continue but now go ‘au natural’!
  • CHOCOLATE:  As Forest Gump said so eloquently, “I ‘m not a smart man . . . but I know what love is” .  He also said that  his momma believed “life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.” ! So now that your sweetie’s satisfied your sweet tooth and you’ve consumed that whole heart shaped box of love i.e. chocolates, you also got what you didn’t expect:  a glob on that sexy white silk blouse..  So grab some clear hand sanitizer, squeeze some on and dab out  the stain with a towel or micro-fiber cloth and switch to popcorn!  Tide to Go is also terrif in a pinch! 
  • STRAWBERRIES:  Nothing says “I Love You” like chocolate covered strawberries  but no one likes a strawberry stain.  Remove any access strawberry from the article of clothing with a spoon or knife, then  as your  touching up your doo, take aim with your aerosol can of hairspray and spritz the stain to remove.
  • SWEAT STAINS:  Valentine’s Day is one of the most popular days to ‘pop’ the big question as in ‘will you marry me’.  But, alas, your nerves from popping the big question, or being the one being popped to can cause one to sweat.  Here’s an easy RX!  Just get out a big bowl,  pour in enough warm water to cover the stain, and hand crush 2-6 aspirin tablets into the bowl.  Once dissolved, put your white machine washable dress or tee shirt into it and let sit 2-4 hours.  No problemo if you get distracted calling all your loved ones to announce the big news and leave it overnight!  Then launder par usual.  Your nerves and shirt will feel and look better in the morning!
  • RED WINE:  If you spill some red wine maybe that will teach you to go for  the white wine!  That’s right, first run some cool water through the stain , then a bit of salt to help life and finish with some white wine.  Then for the rest of the eve, switch to clear libations to avoid any further mishaps! 
  • LOVE STAINS:  You want of course to be safe and use proper protection and precautions but if some of the love escapes ‘accidentally’ or prematurely onto your white sheets or boxers,  just use some hydrogen peroxide which is a natural bleaching agent so don’t use it on anything dark.  Then throw it in the laundry and go back to kissing for a bit! REMEMBER: never use hot water to soak or wash the stain, as hot water will help set a majority of protein-based stains. 
    • BONUS TIP:  Dealing with a creaky bed and don’t want to your neighbors or worse your kiddies hearing every intimate detail, sprinkle baby powder in all the joints so they don’t rub and make noise.  Also put on some romantic music and blast just in case! 
Spread the glove…safely and smartly please 🙂


Happy Monday all!  Just a short blog this morn since I’m prepping for a segment I’m doing with Rachael Ray later this week! As you can imagine i’m totally psyched since it’s been a while since I spread the glove with her…will share details and air date as soon as I know more!

I also wanted to share a yummy salad topping that my son and I had this weekend…Mrs. Cubbison’s Croutons…See my son loves to make caesar salad and I love the fact that he does since it’s one less thing i have to prep!  That  saves me some time which is something i’ll take whenever i can get it!  Anyway, when it comes to croutons he’s VERY fussy since he believes they make or break his culinary specialty so finding the right crouton has been no easy task!

Now, as you may be beginning to notice my mind often goes off in strange directions as I blog and today’s no different since Mrs. Cubbison’s tasty croutons got me thinking about the Fonz from the 70’s hit TV show HAPPY DAYS.  Here’s a clip for your viewing pleasure:

Yes, another TV Land fave of mine! The show was about a middle class family called the Cunninghams who lived in Milwaukee during the late 1950’s and early 1960’s. It starred Ron Howard as a typical teenage boy named Richie (whom we all know today as an incredibly talented and succesful movie director of The DaVinci Code, Splash, and Apollo 13 among mucho other hits); Marion Ross as his traditional mom/housewife, Tom Bosley as his dad and Henry Winkler.  Winkler played the Fonz-a neighborhood greasor whom lived in the garage above the Cunningham’s house and became both a cultural icon and was Richie’s unlikely but intuitive older brother-like advisor on just about everything in his life. 

Ok so why the link for me…Well Fonzie would call Mrs. Cunningham, Mrs. C and his signature pose was ‘two thumbs up’.  And, my son and i are giving two thumbs up too to our fave Mrs. C…as in Mrs. Cubbison’s….What can i say my mind works in strange and mysterious ways …try ’em and let me know what you think…Spread the glove! 

PS. Next time you’re in Milwaukee you might wanna visit the Bronze Fonz which has all the cast members inscribed on it! AYYY!


Did you know it was 16 years ago today that world champion Chess Player Gary Kasparov lost  the first game of six to Deep Blue—I didn’t either or if I did things from 16 years ago have long been forgotten unless they’re now my 6 ft. 1 inch 17 year ole son.  But the big news about the loss was that Deep Blue was an IBM computer which could figure out over 200 million moves per second.  Nowadays that probably wouldn’t surprise many peeps with all the video games and advances in technology but way back in 1996 it was big news.  In the end Kasparov showed man over machine still ruled and went home with the $400,000 grand prize. 

"Where's the Great Carnac when I need him!"

A brief aside: For those who have never seen any Johnny Carson reruns, The Great Carnac the Magnificient was a character Carson created during his late night reign.  He was an all-knowing mind-or rather closed-envelope-reader offering incredibly funny (and silly) answers without knowing the questions.  Thus why I referenced him since Kasparov could have used his ‘clairvoyance’!

Kasparov and Deep Blue met again in 1997 but this time Deep Blue won in the sixth and final match,  taking home the grand prize of $700,000.  That made me wonder how he spent it…new platinum hard drive, custom fitted, signature corporate IBM garb of white button down shirt and stripe tie?…diamond studded compressed air blower for his chip-mate?  Guess we’ll never know…

 But, I guess you’re wondering why the heck this Accidental Housewife is reminiscing about a chess match with a computer.  Well, today I had my own ‘match’ with a computer. See this morning I went to visit my trusty Wells Fargo ATM.  I put in my card which Wells (he and I are very tight) always readily inhales, then punched in my security code, amount of moula I wanted and par usual, promptly received my card and receipt back.  So off I went…Then as I was driving home I had one of those feelings where you know you’re missing something, but dismissing it as another sneak peak at the memory loss i’ll be experiencing as the years tick on…That was until I went to pay for my bagel and coffee and realized my bud Wells hadn’t given me any money!  Of course I doubted myself over Wells since I often forget things or where I put them,  and after all he is the latest and greatest in technology.  No way he’d make a mistake and not give me my money.   Right?  Wrong!!! I quickly returned to the scene and had the bank stuff abuzz –they even opened Wells up and sure enough my bank mate tried to pull a fast move on me!  Who’d have thunk!  Guess part of the moral here is even what we think is Mr. Smarter then I computer, is fallible so my advice to all of us is: always check…mate! –Wow that is a really really bad pun forgive me, it’s been a really, really long week.

And, hey I do realize this is a truly riveting read- NOT, and how the heck did I make the connection—dunno!   Perhaps like Deep Blue my brain’s capable of going off and connecting more moves then I thought which I know a certain special Scruffy D would more then agree!! Happy almost weekend…Spread the glove! 


Two things I wanted to share with ye this morning some old news and some newer news…FIrst, in case you missed my mug the other day on the Today Show with my have gal pals Kathie Lee and Hoda sharing how to get rid of those pesky dust mites here’s the clip:

And, by the way if you didn’t know they’re doing the show from the Bahamas this Thursday and Friday…Live from Atlantis Resort there …..guess I didnt schedule that one very well!

Next up slightly newer news which I shared with you on Facebook and just wanted to be sure you knew…drum roll please 🙂   I am joining  as their TIME, MONEY, AND HEALTH  SAVING Contributor! If you don’t know them you should immediately go and visit their site (yes, I’ll forgive you for abandoning mine but just this once!).  They are an amazing and unique network of more then 30,000 influential and highly active moms across all social media channels, FB, Google, Twitter, blogs, mobile social networks and on and on. Founded in 2008 by uber extraordinaire mom of two Megan Calhoun, she is spearheading the way for all we moms to grow personally and professionally.  And, now little ole me, will join her crusade twice a month spreading the glove of accidental housewifely wit and wisdom.  HOW COOL!

And my first feature was based on my Today Show one above and titled: “Do You Know Who You’re Sleeping With” which was not about wishing nor dreaming it was Brad Pitt, Ryan Gosling or whomever else gets your mojo going.  Sorry, ‘twas about those pesky prehistoric microscopic buggers: Dust Mites that cause us to sneeze, wheeze, cough etc…Actually it’s their doo that causes these annoying reactions, and you can get the full poop (sorry!) on the who, what, why, where, etc by going to sleeping-with  Check us all out!  Gotta go pack my bags and gloves now and see if I can get an invite to the Bahamas!  Spread the glove!





Happy Ground Hog day!  Don’t you just love the movie with Bill Murray! I can watch that flick over and over again which guess makes sense!

A few years back I had a Ground Hog Eve party to celebrate Punxsutawney Phil‘s big day  and gave folks play dough to sculp their own ground hog which you can imagine after cocktailing what their works of art looked like! Of course here in the Northeast I was expecting Phil to greet us with sunglasses and flip flops sharing summer is 6 weeks away given our mild winter but alas he was in his normal attire and saw his shadow so 6 more weeks ’til spring we go tra la…

So Phil time to start spring cleaning?

And, for those of you who hadn’t heard it I also wanted to share how Ground Hog Day and the presidential election have overlapped this year courtesy of Mitt Romney‘s now semi famous quote last week about President Obama’s presidency while campaigning in florida:   “This has been a Groundhog Day presidency. He keeps saying the same things and we keep waking up with the same things going on. Nothing changes. He keeps saying these great things he’s going to do and, yet, it’s the same picture every single morning,” Romney said to a crowd of about 200 in Jacksonville, Florida late last week according to ABC News. “It’s been a Groundhog Day presidency and that’s going to end if I’m president.”

And, forgive me but in my mind the entire presidential election process is like groundhog day or rather groundhog year and I’d like to crawl back in my hole like Phil and wait it out!  Spread the glove!


Feel like i’ve been away for a very long time and i’ve not been very bloggy 🙂 Have a few excuses (Jewish guilt settling in)!One: my son had a golf tourney in florida…Tampa to be exact.  So we went down there for that which is always an emotional roller-coaster for me as it is with any parent who has a child that plays a competitive sport and who’s whole being revolves around it.  See ever since Luke was 8 he decided he was going to be the next Tiger Woods

My lil Tiger! Sooo cute!

The Not so lil Tiger!

That was until he got hit with a golf club by his then wife and 19 plus mistresses came forward to share that he had strayed from the ‘home’ course.   Actually, it was a good thing for Luke since he had used Tiger as a role model of sorts:  his discipline, his focus, his work ethic and his quest for perfection.  For Luke and it seemed Tiger, keeping your eye on the target or hole in their case was black and white–a course neither would stray from but thanks to that fateful eve and Tiger’s eye on holes of a different sort, Luke began to realize that no one is perfect and that life has its grays which enabled him to let go a bit…And, hey, Tiger is back, has made his amends and my son still thinks he’s the man but no longer a God.  I have to say  though i do miss some of the jokes particularly this one:  “What do Tiger Woods and Santa Claus have in common?  They both like ho’s!” Forgive my sophmoric humor!

As for golf and me it’s not really my kind of sport though I greatly admire and envy my son’s dedication.  I know i could never stay that focused and patient for 4-5 hours. That’s why when people ask me “Do you play?” my answer is always “Only if I have too!” And, those ‘have to’ times are usually because it gives me a chance to spend quality time with Luke though to keep me awake I jog betwixt the holes  which makes me son pretend i’m not his mother nor that he’s with me.

Ok so that’s one reason, the other is I had a Today Show segment today with my fave gal pals Kathie Lee and Hoda and had much to prepare since we returned from Tampa on Sunday.  The segment was all about those pesky microscopic bugs we lovingly know as dust mites that cause us to sneeze, wheeze, cough and our eyes to water. Here’s a pix of them if you’re not familiar–wallet size are also avail 🙂

"Do you know who you're sleeping with...Brad Pitt or Cookie Monster not!"

And, here’s a pix of me  today on the set: Julie aka “Luke Skywalker” of Star Wars fame “Letting the force be with me” courtesy of  a UV Sanitizing Wand!

"The force be with me!"

And, below is a link to the video for your viewing pleasure that’ll show you my tips, tricks and some cool tools from CleanRest, LG, and Haan to help you get rid of those mites and save your health, sanity and home !  


Be backatcha in next day or so…’til then Smite thy mite…Spread the glove!