Mitt, Newt, Rick, and Ron—almost sounds like the names of guys in a rock group!

(Sung to Beatle‘s “I Wanna Hold Your Hand“)


Can you imagine the four of them as The Beatles singing ‘Been a Hard Day’s Nightor The Rolling Stones singing “Can’t Get No Satisfaction–or maybe even the Monkey’s singing “I’m A Believer!! What a hoot that would be though clearly the lyrics would be way different and there would be four different renditions LOL!  

 But this blog isn’t about these gents being rockers nor their politics.  No this blog is about a comfort food that has it’s roots in politics –I know a strange segue but I am a writer and as such tend to indulge in stream of consciousness asides…So as the race for President enters another week and with another debate behind us, I thought it be fun to share a bit of political trivia and a recipe that compliments it courtesy of comfort food chef extraordinaire, Paula Deen Paula Deen index.html who is probably now creating a ‘kinder, leaner version’!

Believe it or not there’s an archive in the Senate records dating back to some time betwixt 1903-1907 that declares SENATE BEAN SOUP be a mandatory item on the Senate’s menu. 

Folklore has it that the resolution came about one of two ways:  either at the request of Senator Fred Dubois of Idaho or via the then Speaker of the House Joseph G. Cannon of Illinois.  Seems Speaker Cannon exploded (forgive the pun) when one hot day he arrived for lunch and his fave soup was not on the menu “Thunderation!” he roared, “From now on hot or cold, rain, snow or shine, I want it on the menu every day.”  And thus it became mandated…and, albeit a bad navy bean crop in 1943 so it has been available in all 11 congressional dining rooms.  Seems even back then there was a lot of hot air being passed around Congress J  Spread the glove!

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