I just finished cleaning my dishwasher with my son’s fave drink: Tang!

1. YES, i was cleaning my dishwasher NOT my dishes which is something we all should do to get rid of streaks, rust and other gunk that accumlates in this mani-friendly appliance, AND

2. NO, i’ve not been enjoying an early happy hour!  I actually discovered a while back that TANG and other lemon or orange flavored, powdered drink mixes like COUNTRY TIME LEMONADE are inexpensive, non-toxic home cleaners. Why does it work you may ask??? Well, it’s because of the citric acid in the mix.  So next time you notice any rust or streakin just bring out the TANG (or Country TIme), fill up your dispenser with it and let ‘er run…full cycle please.

Ok, so there’s that, but it also reminded me of something I learned while researching my second book “The Ultimate Accidental Housewife: Your Guide to a Clean Enough House” (and yes you can still find this must have houshold tome on 🙂 So here’s an excerpt of sorts:

Remember the Bundy’s from Fox TV’s hit sitcom, Married With Children?  They were that happy go lucky dysfunctional family that lived in Chicago and attracted millions of viewers for 10 years way back in 1987-1997. For those not familiar:

  • Peggy was an uneducated housewife who looked like a ‘60’s throwback sporting a red bouffant and wore heels that were too high and clothes that were too tight
  • Al was her dim witted husband who sold women’s shoes unsuccessfully (hmmm were shoes Peggy’s attraction?); and they had two kiddies:
  • Bud-who was unpopular, girl crazy and the only Bundy who ever went to college; and
  • Kelly, their sex-crazed, equally dim-witted daughter.

A ‘taste’ of the Bundy’s general dysfunction can be seen in this clip:  

But the one that got my attention when I was researching  my book revolved around Peggy’s culinary skills or lack thereof.   In one episode we learned that the Bundy’s were big Tang fans and hated to let one little granule go to waste. In fact they loved the stuff so much that they would make Tang Sandwiches.  Well one day there wasn’t enough for a whole sandwich so they just took a slice of bread and swiped the sides to create what they lovingly called a ‘Tang Wipe’.  If only the Bundy’s had been around back in 1965, NASA and Gemini’s crew could have enjoyed their spaciness and this yummy recipe too!  Spread the glove…and the TANG 🙂

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