Happy Ides of January! Watching my fave home football team the NY Giants who are leading the game against Green Bay Packers 20-10 at halftime.  Go Blue!! Can’t remember the last time I sat and watched them though I love football and dare I say I throw a mean spiral 🙂 Nope usually if i’m watching TV on a Sunday I’m watching golf since I think I’ve shared my son’s an aspiring PGA golf professional now at the ripe ole age of 17!  But today it’s beer, nachos, buffalo wings and moi as a couch potato daring anyone who wants to try and take control of my remote… NOT happening.  So this is what guys feel like LOL! K g0tta go half time’s over…time to twist off another brewsky, eat unhealthy, lie horizontal and root for Big Blue!  Spread the glove!

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