As the saying often goes “One Picture Worth a Thousand Words” .  Well maybe not always a 1000 but pictures can say a lot.  So as we begin to try and stick to our New Year’s Resolutions now all of  four days old :), I thought the link below might help put some perspective on expectation vs. reality whether we’re trying to loose that muffin top, get a booty like Kim Kardashian (or at least her new bangs!),  find Mr. or Mrs. Right or simply organize our closet so we can find our spring clothes before the winter thaw.  And, for those of you without resolutions, I envy you but still think you’ll enjoy these pix courtesy of  STUMBLE UPON.

PLEASE let moi know which pix u liked best or if you have a fun expectation vs. reality pix to share!  BTW think my fave was the ‘tickling pets’ and the Pool slide…And, sorry about the comments on the bottom of the link-I tried to edit them out but was unable.  Spread the glove!

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