WHERE’D THE BEEF GO? A New Spin on Drinking Water :)

Merci beaucoup to mon amie Marla for sharing this U-TUBE video which clearly put some je ne sais quoi into my housewifely step this afternoon.  Suffice it to say that it will put a smile on your face, have you panting perhaps un petite and contemplating buying a ticket to France toute suite.  You are about to enjoy a spin that will whet your whistle and burns 2000 calories!  Good deal i’d say!  Let me know if i should start planning a charter trip to Paris for all we deserving housewives to tone and groan!

BTW I am finding out where to buy Contrex which I have learned is owned by NESTLE (guess they do make the very best and not just chocolate) and hoping there is some neon magic in every bottle !

Viva la French!

PS;  Be tough to top this calorie burning idea but I’m all ears !

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